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Mahara 24.04 is released

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26 April 2024, 20:01

Kia ora,

We are pleased to announce the release of Mahara 24.04, which we released today.

Highlights in Mahara 24.04 include:

  • Enhancements to SmartEvidence to have multiple assessors and an additional assessment status
  • The continuing professional development plugin is now part of Mahara core
  • Retrieve deleted text
  • Show recently used content types
  • Copy blocks
  • Embed Riff
  • View Mahara in dark mode ('Raw' and 'Default' themes)
  • Easily report issues to an administrator

Watch the feature release video for a brief description of the highlights in this release.

The Mahara manual is in the process of being updated with these and other new features as well as changed functionality. We expect to have that done within the next month.

The code for Mahara 24.04 is available to subscribers in our repository, both in Git and as downloadable package.

Supported releases

Mahara 23.04 is still supported for security updates. The support for Mahara 22.10 ends now, and there is one final maintenance release, Mahara 22.10.5. Support for Mahara 23.04 will end in October 2024. Mahara 24.04 will receive updates until October 2025.

Support and bugs

If you find any issues in this new release, please feel free to use our issue tracker to report them.

If you need help with anything, the support forum is the best place to ask your questions.


Several organisations contributed to the release of Mahara 24.04 through funding new features and bug fixes. We want to thank all of them (in alphabetical order):

We would also like to thank all subscribers who through their subscription contribute financially to the overall project, enabling our team to fix issues, maintain the project infrastructure, and also create new features from our roadmap.

We also wish to thank the people who contributed code changes to this release, all but Geoff Rowland, Catalyst staff:

Contributor Change sets
Doris Tam 112
Robert Lyon 109
Evonne Cheung Subsumed in changesets above
Kristina Hoeppner 13
Geoff Rowland initial CPD plugin contribution
Phil Sainty 2
Fergus Whyte 2
Leah Skinner 2
Peter Sistrom 1


The most complete translations at the time of writing (at least 90%):

  • Basque. Contributors over time: Abel Camacho, Asier Iturralde Sarasola, Ibai Oihanguren Sala, Iñaki Arenaza, José Miguel Andonegi, Juan Ezeiz, Ramón Ovelar
  • Catalan. Contributors over time: Albert Gasset, Anna, David Planella, Joan Queralt Gil, JoanColl, Juan Segarra Montesinos, Puri Andrés, Richard Samson, Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch
  • Czech. Contributors over time: Viktor Fuglík, Veronika Karičáková, David Mudrák, Adam Pátek, Matouš Trča, Marek Drahovzal, Lukáš Kotek, Jiřina Nováková, Tomáš Jeřábek
  • Dutch. Contributors over time: Balaam's Miracle, Bas Brands, Eric, Jeroen Hendrickx, Joost Elshoff, Koen Roggemans, M Kerkhoff, Marinka van der Kolk, OpenEdu, Raoul Dorrisen, rmob, Snicksie, Volker Schmidt
  • French. Contributors over time: Alain Benoit, Alain Bolli, Alexandre Croteau, Anne017, Aurelien Besson, Cmathieu, David Truong, Dominique-Alain Jan, Emilie Lenel, Équipe StudiUM, Eric Breton, François Lizotte, Giulia Vighetti, Hélène V., Jean Marc, londumas, Melvin Romero, Pascale Hyboud-Peron, Paula Caterino, Philippe Petitqueux, Pierre Guinoiseau, sic, Stéphane, Yannick Cordel
  • German. Contributors over time: Andy Hediger, Anne Spindler, Bradley Pfau, Christian Kleinhanss, Daniel Winzen, Dennis Baudys, eledia, Ernst Artner, Ettore Atalan, Gunnar Staniczek, Heinz Krettek, Jan Behrens, Jonas Renggli, Jürgen Friedrich, Klaus Steitz, Kristina Höppner, Luca Bösch, M. Ehlers, Marcel Debray, Mathias, Michael Engel, Michael Wuttke, Moritz Ringler, N2k1, Nico Verse, Patrick Neumann, Ralf Hilgenstock, Ralph Ballier, Silas Zahner, Stefanie Berger, Steffen Pegenau, Stephan Woidowski, Tobias Bannert, TZI
  • Japanese. Contributor over time: Mitsuhiro Yoshida
  • Slovenian. contributors over time: Gregor Anželj, Janko Harej
  • Te reo Māori. Contributor over time: Ian Cormack

There are many more translations of Mahara at varying stages of completeness.

The Mahara manual is also being translated. Many thanks to everyone contributing to that.

We want to acknowledge other groups of people as well who contributed to Mahara 24.04: graphic designers, business analysts, UX researchers, accessibility consultants, testers, documentation writers, system administrators, developers improving supporting infrastructure, and security researchers.

Ngā mihi

The 24.04 Release Managers at Catalyst

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