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Mahara shows "You have been logged out successfully" when login admin account

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15 April 2024, 16:23

Hi All,

I have an issue that when I login my admin account, it will redirect to the index page and shows "You have been logged out successfully", I don't have any idea what this issue is about, may someone help? Thanks a lot!



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15 April 2024, 22:16

Hi Simon,

Please repost your issue in the Support forum. Please mention your Mahara version, customisations or SSO connections, and paste your error logs. 

This forum is for topics that don’t fit in other forums.

Kind regards,


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16 April 2024, 8:58

Hi Simon,

Do you have all dataroot subdirectories created and enbaled cookies on your site? What type of session are you using? File or Redis / mcached? Are you attempting to log in from multiple browsers (tabs) at once?

Thank you


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