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Podcast episode 39: Derrin Kent

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06 March 2024, 7:37

Hi everyone,

Today, the virtual journey takes us to the UK where Derrin Kent from The Development Manager (TDM) has his home. He has been a long time Mahara and portfolio enthusiast and thus it was time for me to catch up with him about one of the programmes in which he and his team work with portfolios: The Skills Bootcamps.

If you work in the vocational sector, with apprentices and reskillers, this is the episode for you.

Make sure to subscribe to 'Create. Share. Engage.' in your favourite podcast app. Alternatively, you can listen to all episodes on the podcast website.

Have a great day


Podcast logo for 'Create. Share. Engage.' that is a hand drawn speech bubble with the three words in it. It sits alongside the episode title 'Skills Bootcamps using portfolios' and the podcast URL and 'Mahara podcast brought to you by Catalyst IT'.

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