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Export all Portfolios of the server - PDF

08 February 2024, 0:25

Dear Forum,


i'm a serveradmin of the Mahara-Server, and need to export oll portfolios of my server in PDF Format with 1 click. Is this possible?



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09 February 2024, 7:45

Hi Daniele,

You can use the bulk export feature in the admin area or the CLI script once you have the PDF export configured.



09 February 2024, 21:32

thanks a lot for your help. I havend the Bulk export in my admin Area, but can open it only with the direckt link /admin/users/bulkexport.php


In there, i can select the institution, but no user are displayed, and no export method is selectable. Is it possible?



  • Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 09.29.35.png
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14 February 2024, 16:15

Hi Daniele,

Please see step 3 in the bulk export section. The text box is for when you want to enter the specific usernames of the accounts you wish to export. All accounts will be exported if left empty. It's a direct link because bulk exporting is an experimental feature.

Looking at your screenshot, your selected export method by default is 'HTML standalone HTML website'. If you are looking for the Leap2A export option, it will not appear if the plugin has been hidden.

To check if it's hidden, go to 'Admin menu > Extensions > Plugin administration' and look at the list of plugins under the 'Plugin type: Export' heading.

Kind regards,

Kind regards,

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