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Podcast episode 37: Brian Williams

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07 February 2024, 9:08

Hello everyone,

In the latest episode of 'Create. Share. Engage.' I talk with our Security Operations Centre Supervisor at Catalyst, Brian Williams, because portfolios live on the internet and thus information security is a topic we should all know a little about. Brian gives some insight on what to watch out for through the handy acronym CIA, and shares a couple of examples that illustrate why we should care about the topic.

The Mahara team works closely with our security team, and we also review reports community members send to us to determine whether they are a security vulnerability or not.

As usual, you can listen to 'Create. Share. Engage.' in your podcast app or on the podcast's website.



Podcast logo for 'Create. Share. Engage.' that is a hand drawn speech bubble with the three words in it. It sits alongside the episode title 'CIA and portfolios' and the podcast URL and 'Mahara podcast brought to you by Catalyst IT'.

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