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Moodle submission link to Mahara portfolio not working

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05 February 2024, 22:45

Hi - we seem to have this issue on Mahara version 22.10 where student portfolio submission links in a Moodle assignment direct staff/students to the home page of Mahara, rather directly to the Mahara portfolio.

There's a link provided, on that issue log, to more information but it doesn't work:

"Please see this link first: This code change has (as I understand it) reintroduced a bug that was fixed previously when following links from a LMS to a users portfolio within Mahara."

Is there a fix for this issue? Thanks.


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08 February 2024, 22:13

Hi Yvonne,

Our old code review systems is not available any more as we consolidated everything into GitLab at the start of the year. If you look further down on the issue, you can see 'Related merge requests'. That's now where the code patches sit. In your case, it points to a patch that will be available in Mahara 24.04. You can backport it 22.10.

Thank you


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