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Image showing broken link on page when using text block, but showing correctly in editor.

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29 January 2024, 22:58


We’ve been running into an issue with multiple group portfolio’s where our students have added an image to a text block to accompany their text.

When the page is created the image is showing correctly. However after a while this image seems to break, showing a broken link when viewing the page.

Editing the block however shows the image correctly. This goes for both the user who created the page, and any administrators.


Attached is an example screenshot. We investigated this particular portfolio a few weeks ago when it had different images presenting with this issue while this one was fine. However coming back to this portfolio now shows this image as broken. Nothing has changed in the meantime.


We’re not able to identify what’s causing this, and we have not been able to recreate the issue ourselves.


Does anyone have an idea on why these images show as broken links on the page, yet they show correctly when editing the block?


Thanks in advance,


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30 January 2024, 8:52

Hi Allard,

Can you please inspect the image source and check that the block ID matches up with the block in which the image is displayed?

Some other questions to investigate:

  • Is the issue only present for somebody else viewing the image or also for the owner?
  • Where does the image sit? Is it a personal image of the portfolio author or is it in a group or somewhere else?
  • Did you change the URL of your Mahara site? If so, you should be able to fix old links via Admin menu > Development > Embedded content.

This issue sounds like one though that we've fixed a while ago, probably about 2 years ago. In the first instance, please make sure that you are on the latest maintenance release of your version of Mahara.

Thank you


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31 January 2024, 23:07

Hi Kristina,

Thank you for your reply.


Not entirely sure how to check the block ID, but the edit page gives:


The link to the image is embedded as:



In regards to the other questions:

  • This issue is present for both the author and owner of the image, as well as any viewers
  • The image is a personal image. When using this image in a dedicated image block, it shows without issue.
  • We have not changed the URL of the Mahara site.

We are however currently running Mahara version [xxxx; redacted by Kristina], could it be that this version does not have the previously mentioned fix applied to it?


Thank you,


Edits to this post:

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01 February 2024, 13:25

Hi Allard,

Thanks for the additional info:

id=157187 is not text=1156919 and thus there's a mismatch in ID numbers. I redacted your full version of Mahara. It would be good if you did update to the latest available code for your version of Mahara. As a subscriber, you have access to the very latest code for your version of Mahara. If you are not yet a subscriber, you have access to earlier code that would include the necessary patches as far as I can see, along with a critical fix we made in November last year that you should apply. Please note that those old versions are not the latest security updates as those are only available to subscribers as at April 2023.

Thank you


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