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statistics on comments given

06 January 2024, 22:30

Hello everybody,

I was trying to get a report including the number of comments each user has published onto other users pages/Artefacts but could not find a way to get it.

Is that an information that can be retrieved from the report set of choices? 

I would really be grateful for help in this topic.

Many thanks


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08 January 2024, 11:19

Hi Adriano,

The collaboration report might be what you're looking for.


Kind regards,



08 January 2024, 21:02

Hello Doris,

many thanks for your reply.

from t he link you suggest I understand I would get the number of comments per page, i.e. the comments received by anyone author on anyone page, while I was interested in assessing the number of comments that each author has contributed to other authors or to the community.

Are you aware of a way to get this type of info please?

Many thanks again



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09 January 2024, 14:29

Hi Adriano,

There is currently no report implemented that would show you how many comments a particular person has made. If your organisation subscribes to Mahara, you can make an enhancement suggestion to discuss the specifications for such a functionality in Mahara.

17 January 2024, 5:43

Hello Kristine,

many thanks for your reply.

Although disappointed at least now I know I can stop trying... ! :-)) 

I am not sure what you mean in saying "if your organization subscribes to mahara...."  I am running mahara on a university site with permission of the technical staff and personally looking after maintenance + running, while they help in upgrading When requested AND possibile). It is not officially maintained by my University, if this is what you mean. Or is t here soemething I am missing about other ways to run mahara?

In any case while trying all possible ways to get the inf I was after, I bounced into another couple of issues I report in case this helps to improve, independently from an existing subscription:

1) whichever type of report I generate, the download button only downloads a csv file with the first line of text (Chrome). If I use safari, the download button will generate a browser view with all the .csv text lines that can then be copied and pasted into any suitable app. However, after having done that the first time any further attempt with different reports will always open the same browser view with the same data in it. I have seen something similar in a thread on this forum, but the thread was interrupted at some point and nobody will ever know if a solution was found. Clearing the browser cache doesn't help. 

2) some reports (e.g account activity)  generate a blank page, but one can tell that content was identified as it reports "xx results" on the top right, as well as a coherent number of different pages in which the output is organized. Again, the download button will output a 1-line csv file

So even your suggestion of using the "collaboration" type of report would be useless in this case.

Are you please aware of any settings in the settings.php that should be looked after, or any other parameters that might have been set wrongly?

Many thanks for your help


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26 January 2024, 15:58

Hi Adriano,

Last year, Mahara moved to a subscription model to support the development and longevity of the project. The latest code and issue tracker are only available to subscribers.

1) Report data is not visible in Chrome: Which report is that? Is that the account activity one? If the report does not display any data rows (but only the total count) then the CSV file would not contain any data because it accesses the same SQL query.

The 'Account details' report utilises the event log and indexes data via Elasticsearch. Which version of Elasticsearch are you using? Do you see anything in the error log?

2) Reports with same data: Which report did that affect? We made some updates to reports a year or more ago that corrected this behaviour, but maybe a particular report was missed.

Thank you



29 January 2024, 12:25

Hi Adriano,

In regards to you problem number 2 I was also able to replicate this problem. With me it was due to the event_log search type not being indexed. Once I added that and re-indexed it worked for me.

See point 12 at

There is an "Elasticsearch types" setting.

It should contain all of the following: usr,interaction_instance,interaction_forum_post,group,view,artefact,block_instance,collection,event_log 

Check you site's plugin page:  admin/extensions/pluginconfig.php?plugintype=search&pluginname=elasticsearch (or via Admin -> Extensions) and make use that event_log is present in the list.

If it is not in the list then you will either need to add the following line to you config.php file:  $cfg->plugin_search_elasticsearch_types = 'usr,interaction_instance,interaction_forum_post,group,view,artefact,block_instance,collection,event_log';

or edit your database and set the following line:
UPDATE search_config SET value = 'usr,interaction_instance,interaction_forum_post,group,view,artefact,block_instance,collection,event_log' WHERE plugin = 'elasticsearch' AND field = 'types';

Then go back to admin/extensions/pluginconfig.php?plugintype=search&pluginname=elasticsearch and you should see event_log listed as well. Then you will need to re-index your elasticsearch via the re-index button. This will take some time as the event_log gets re-indexed last. But after some time you should be able to run the report again and get some results.




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