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attatchments from pages can not be downloaded

11 October 2023, 9:35

We have Mahara version 22.04.3 (2022032213). No problems before October.

   We have tried to investigate during the past week why attachments on the doctoral students' Pages can nolonger be downloaded or shared with ex examiners. The doctoral students always share their Page through a secret URLand of course it should work for the visitor to download all attached files as it has been until a couple of weeks ago. The problem of not been able to download files/attachments was discovered on 2.10, when one of the PhD students was unable to download her attachments. For some reason it didn't work for our administrator either, it was not possible to download her files/attachments when you as a visitor looked at the page it was followed by an "Access denied" message. Interestingly, the SAME ATTACHMENT works in the half-time portfolio(= a Page created in May-22) but not in the dissertation portfolio(which was created now in September and shared with her this week). It is therefore a question of the same entry with the same attachment, which is in two different Pages; in one the file can be downloaded but not in the other.

Have anyone had this problem?

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13 October 2023, 9:22

Hi Carola,

Can you replicate the issue on our demo site? If so, can you please provide step-by-step instructions on how the attachments were added to the page? You may also look at the links to the attachments to see if you can spot any differences between the links that work and the links that don't.

Thank you


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