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27 September 2023, 21:27

Kia ora,

I'm trying to get my head around an assessment setup one of our subject teams is looking to implement. They want students to collaborate in a Mahara group to build pages of digital assets for team projects, then each group will submit their page to Moodle for feedback/grading.

For the most part that sounds straightforward (allocate groups on Moodle, give them separate pages within the Mahara group to co-create) but I'm concerned we're missing a vital bit of functionality...

Can students submit a Mahara Group page to Moodle Assignment?
The docs say they can submit one of THEIR pages or collections. Does this mean that shared pages within a group can't be submitted even if those students built the content?

Hoping someone can clarify if I need to find an alternative way of doing this!

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28 September 2023, 13:26

Hi Gordon,

It is not yet possible to submit Mahara group portfolios to a Moodle assignment. The portfolio would need to be copied into a student account and submitted from there. This would be a great feature to have though if anybody would like to sponsor it.

The reason why this feature doesn't exist yet is that you can only submit personal portfolios to a Mahara group, and the portfolio submission process to Moodle or via LTI in general builds on top of that functionality.



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28 September 2023, 16:14

Hi Gordon,

As Kristina says, there's no direct way of doing this. However, as a workaround, set your Moodle assignment for groups and ensure you have Online text as the submission type. A student within the group can then create a new secret URL for the collection and then paste that into the Online text box for submission. Don't forget to include all the instructions in the description, or activity instructions (depending on Moodle version).

You may have already considered this, but I thought it might be helpful in case there are others reading your post who weren't sure how to overcome this.






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