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Podcast episode 21 with Bob Reuter

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21 June 2023, 10:52


By now I've been working with Mahara portfolios for 15 years. I encountered them at first at University of Luxembourg where we were investigating portfolio platforms to potentially switch to in 2008. We selected Mahara for a bachelor in education, and I had the pleasure of working with the team then in New Zealand to have a couple of features implemented via, i.e. feedback enhancements and the tag search.

So it was wonderful for me to catch up with a former colleague, Dr Bob Reuter, and talk a bit about his current use of portfolios in his classes.

If you haven't subscribed to the podcast yet, you can do so on any podcast platform, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. I myself use AntennaPod on Android, an open source podcast app that is very easy to use and is perfect for downloading or streaming episodes. Alternatively, you can also listen on the podcast website.

Thank you


Podcast logo for 'Create. Share. Engage.' that is a hand drawn speech bubble with the three words in it. It sits alongside the episode title 'Externalise your thinking with portfolios' and the podcast URL and 'Mahara podcast brought to you by Catalyst IT'.

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