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Event: AI and portfolios webinar 1: Global perspectives

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06 June 2023, 7:54

Hello everyone,

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken centre stage in education with the release of ChatGPT in November 2022. Many conversations in education revolve around exploring the benefits and challenges of this text-generating AI and other AI applications which impact how learning and assessment may continue. This in turn impacts ePortfolio practice.

So we’ll need to ask: What is the influence of AI on portfolios? What are the implications for using AI in portfolio practice?

AAEEBL, ePortfolios Australia, and Eportfolio Ireland partner in the webinar series ‘Artificial intelligence and portfolios’ to foster discussions within our global communities.

Register for our first webinar 'Global perspectives on artificial intelligence and portfolios' on 21/22 June 2023. In this interactive session, we will discuss the impact of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, on educational practices, including ePortfolios.

Our expert panelists, invested in AI and equity in education, will help us navigate this burgeoning field, exploring the current intersection of AI and portfolios.

Your insights and challenges are key to shaping future sessions as we collaboratively dissect this topic, understand current practices, and strategize for future applications. Engage in insightful conversations and share your thoughts on the evolving role of AI in portfolios, while contributing to a collective understanding.


  • Associate Professor Christine Slade, University of Queensland, Australia, ePortfolios Australia Committee
  • Associate Professor Leanne Ngo, La Trobe University, Australia, ePortfolios Australia Committee
  • Dr Kevin Kelly, San Francicso State University, U.S.A., AAEEBL Board, AAEEBL Digital Ethics Task Force

Dr Helen L. Chen (Stanford University, U.S.A.) will moderate the session.

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