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Podcast episode 16 with Bobbi Kamil

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12 April 2023, 9:09

Kia ora,

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of catching up with John Ittelson and Bobbi Kamil, who have been instrumental in the portfolio community in the U.S.A. over several decades. You can listen to the interview 'Documenting learning' with John that was published two weeks ago. Now it's Bobbi's turn with 'Demonstrating learning'.

Bobbi was Associate Dean at State University of New York, Empire State College, when it was founded in 1971. Together with the founding team, she was instrumental in establishing the vision for the college to provide adult learners with the opportunity to earn a degree by having their prior learning taken into consideration and creating their own degrees. Sounds like portfolios would fit in perfectly, right?

In this latest episode of 'Create. Share. Engage.' we explore the beginnings of that work and the role portfolios played for both faculty and students at Empire State College. This is a rare opportunity to hear from an early adopter of educational portfolios.



Podcast logo for 'Create. Share. Engage.' that is a hand drawn speech bubble with the three words in it. It sits alongside the episode title 'Demonstrating learning' and the podcast URL and 'Mahara podcast brought to you by Catalyst IT'.

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