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Non clickable buttons on homepage

17 February 2023, 9:45


Is there a reason why the buttons on the homepage are clickable when the users are logged in, but not when they are not logged in? I am talking about those buttons :

I can see from the code of the "raw" template that it seems to be a feature and not a bug...

But is there a reason why?

I tried to remove those "if" to make the buttons clickables for non logged in users, and it works perfectly! They are redirected to the login page, and then to the page they were supposed to (depending on the button).

I know I can just duplicate this template in my own theme to make it work, but I thought that maybe it would be better for everybody if there were no conditions in this template?



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21 February 2023, 8:46

Hi Marie-Eve,

The icons are not clickable on the logged-out homepage because they require a login from an account holder. In a default Mahara instance, the icons are the same, but you can have a completely different look for a logged-out homepage than when people are logged in and see the content of the homeinfo.tpl file.



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