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02 February 2023, 23:16


One of our subject areas is thinking of using Mahara for student placements and I've been asked for some visual examples of how it might work in that context before staff decide if they want to engage. I was wondering if anyone has some nice example collections they would be willing to share (or screenshot) to showcase different approaches for how students might assemble their evidence. Most of the nice examples I used to use are on really old versions of Mahara but I've not had as much involvement with student groups in recent years, so would really like to show them something that makes use of the newer interface and page layouts.


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07 February 2023, 10:36

Hi Gordon,

If I don't forget to bookmark portfolio examples, they go into my Diigo collection. I also usually have a few examples in the introduction webinar (linked are slides from November 2022). Some as screenshots, some with links.



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