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Easy/Best way to replace the default Mahara Logo

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28 January 2023, 19:38

As it looks like there is no easy way to simply change the Mahara default logo in the Footer and Menu/Header

Having to change that Site Logo in all themes is not at all suitable if you like to give users a way to choose templates as you would need to change it in nearly all templates or have to create a template that is based on a template that is based on a template. a bit a headache while simply having a field to upload the overall site Logo would be pretty simple and easy.

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30 January 2023, 12:33

Hi Andi,

You can upload a different logo to 'No institution' in 'Administration menu → Institutions → Settings'. Then, if you don't upload a logo for individual institutions that logo will be used. Also make sure that you upload a mobile friendly logo.

The footer logo can be changed by placing it into the local folder so it overwrites the file in the raw theme. That'll ensure that it propagates through to all other themes, provided they are based on raw and do not have their own logo uploaded. The advantage there is that you can use a SVG image. See the wiki for more info.

For everything else: Patches or funding to add these as features on the site are welcome.



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