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Podcast episode 10 with Ingrid D'Souza

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18 January 2023, 7:44


For the latest episode of 'Create. Share. Engage.' I travelled virtually across the Tasman to visit Ingrid D'Souza in Melbourne, Australia, where she works for Monash University as Educational Designer. We caught up about portfolios an Mahara, and she shared about creativity and lifelong learning. As usual, listen in your favourite podcast app, be that Apple Podcast, Spotify, Overcast, or like me on AntennaPod, an open source podcast player, or directly on the podcast website where you'll not only find the episode notes, but also the full transcript and chapter markers.



Podcast logo for 'Create. Share. Engage.' that is a hand drawn speech bubble with the three words in it. It sits alongside the episode title and the podcast URL and 'Mahara podcast brought to you by Catalyst IT'.

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