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Podcast episode 9 with Maia Miller

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11 January 2023, 8:00

Hi everyone,

Today I published a bonus episode as summer / winter special 😀 on 'Create. Share. Engage.' I talk with my Catalyst colleague Maia Miller about web accessibility. She shares a number of tips for learning designers and also portfolio authors to get started in small steps.

If you ever wondered how some of us end up working in a software development company, you'll gain some insight from Maia as well.

As usual, you can listen to the episode in your favourite podcast app or on its website where you can also access the full transcript, episode notes, and chapter markers to jump to the sections that interest you most.



Podcast logo that is a hand-drawn speech bubble with the podcast title 'Create. Share. Engage.' inside and 'Portfolios for learning and more' written on the outside. There's also the Mahara logo and the URL to the podcast. The text is in the post.


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