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Font Awesome icons

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10 January 2023, 17:37

How to get back all Font Awsome icons as they seem to be now Font Awsome 6.
We copied the RAW styles - added our custom css but all Icons are gone and showing boxes only

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11 January 2023, 11:12

Hi Andi,

When you said you copied the raw styles are you meaning the the file htdocs/theme/raw/style/style.css or all the files in htdocs/theme/raw/style/ directory including the htdocs/theme/raw/style/lib/font-awesome/ directory too?



Andi Becker's profile picture
Posts: 68

11 January 2023, 17:34

Hi Robert

No, I copied only the style.css as all other files and folders stay in raw - at least that is what I thought should be to have RAW as a master and then MME as an addition that holds all modified files. Actually it would be good if also styles.css would be taken from RAWand only in an additional - i.e. custom.css - file you add all customizations otherwise with every update also all RAW parts need to be replaced in the styles.css

We copied also the lib folder and lib/font-awesome folder and its files now but nothung changed to the status before and still no font-awesome shows up.

Kind regards
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13 January 2023, 15:21

Hi Andi,

Typically, to create a custom theme, you would set that up and base it on raw or any other built-in theme so that when they are updated, changes propagate through to the custom theme automatically. In the custom theme you only change the things that you want to differ from the theme that is your base theme.

If you make extensive changes, it's best to do that in scss as the css is generated automatically. That's why there is only one style.css file. Everything else is in the preprocessor. See the readme file in the /theme folder. If you can't work with Gulp, then it would be updating the css, which is more labourious. We don't do that ourselves and thus I don't have best practice advice on how you can do that efficiently as I also don't know how you create your theme.

Thank you


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