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Pretty annoying : An upgrade began at 2022/12/21 17:59 and did not complete. Run this upgrade anyway.

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10 January 2023, 17:13

This message is pretty annoying as even when you insert the url secret it will redirect you again to that message that an update started and when clicking on run it anyway it is again asking you for the secret but when entering it there the same message as before appears.


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Posts: 68

10 January 2023, 17:30

Security is nice and appreciated but wasting with every update hours until a simple upgrade can be done from even inside the site is total crab - sorry. No tutorial how to get out of that fatal circle of error messages concerning the upgrades. if you eneter behind or replace the rerun=1 or place the urlsecret behin that rerun again and again that message that an update began and hasn't been ended pops up and even we have meanwhile 2023 and the site is LIVE in 2023 and that message is from 2022


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13 January 2023, 15:38

Hi Andi,

You can find advice in this forum thread. The first message with the database query may not apply to you if you didn't run into that error.



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