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Podcast episode 7 with Dr Mandia Mentis and Dr Wendy Holley-Boen

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21 December 2022, 10:28

Kia ora,

The last episode of 'Create. Share. Engage.' for 2022 is episode 007. So I can't not say that Dr Mandia Mentis and Dr Wendy Holley-Boen from Massey University here in Aotearoa New Zealand have the license to portfolio. 🙃 🕵️‍♀️

They have more than 20 years of experience working with portfolios for teachers, especially in Specialist Teaching Education. In their episode they cover a lot of ground and outline why they use portfolios in their classes, how the practice helps their students right now and also in their future profession.

Tune in on the website or in your favourite podcast player.

Next year, we will continue right on 4 January 2023 and travel to the Netherlands to meet Bas Bakker who's a learning designer. Then we criss cross the world virtually between the Southern hemisphere and the Northern one to share many more stories of portfolio use with you every other week.

If you want to share your own story, send an email.

Have a wonderful last few days of 2022 and then a great start into the new year.


Episode 7: 'Bringing the personal to the professional' with Mandia Mentis and Wendy Holley-Boen. Podcast logo where 'Create. Share. Engage.' is in a hand-drawn single-line speech bubble and 'Portfolios for learning and more' written on the bottom curve.

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