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Microsoft OAuth2

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20 December 2022, 2:29

Hi Comunity,


on January. 1. 2023 will be Microsoft Basic Auth permanently deactivated, and we need to find a solution to be able to continue sending emails after this. Does anyone know, how to configure OAuth2 with Mahara?


Thanks in advance


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20 December 2022, 15:11

Hi Jeff,

I've checked with a couple of people, and we don't think this affects Mahara. Basic auth is typically used for web related but not email related things. In Mahara, you can't use basic auth to authenticate to your mail server, but need to use SMTP. According to a Microsoft page I found for the deprecation, SMTP continues to be supported.

Basic auth is sometimes used to prevent search engine crawlers from accessing test sites, but not for authenticating people themselves in Mahara.

If you provide more details on where you think basic auth is used in Mahara, please provide more details of your setup (without disclosing too much setup specific information that could be misused).

Thank you


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27 December 2022, 23:05

Hi Kristina,


thank you for your reply. Yes, you are right, SMTP will not be affected by Modern Auth, so Mahara will not have problems with sending emails after 1st. January 2023.

Thanks again for quick reply.

Sincerely Jeff

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