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19 December 2022, 23:24

Hi everyone, my name is Luis and I am a admin from app Mahara at the Zaragoza University.

I need to extract information about our platform, but I have a dude; how to count the messages sent by the platform?

Well, I'm exploring the database, but I don't found a table which it stores this information, I see event log table,  no...

My Mahara version is 18.04 and the database are a Postgresql instance.

Merry Christmas and thanks a lot


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20 December 2022, 14:41

Hi Luis,

Mahara only keeps the notifications that have not been deleted yet. For example, you'll find system generated notifications in the table 'notification_internal_activity' and messages from one to another person in 'module_multirecipient_notification'. However, once they are deleted, they are removed from the database. Whether they were sent via email depends on each person's configuration because they can decide to only receive notifications in Mahara, but not via email. If you want to check how many messages were sent via email, you should probably consult your mail server logs.

Thank you


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