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Admin inbox - system notification error

14 December 2022, 22:02

Hi everyone,


Since I got to managed the Mahara of my institution, everyday I see a flow of system notification error in my admin inbox (about 60 per day). The others admin accounts have the same issue (and It's apparently like that ever since the update of Mahara).

I have no information other than what's posted in the inbox ( [[adminnotificationerror/activity]]) when I open it. So I checked multiple logs, topics, bugs report and I didn't find a "clue". Does anyone have an idea where this issue could possibly occurs ?


Thanks in advance !

Best regards,


Kristina Hoeppner's profile picture
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16 December 2022, 16:12

Hi Thibault,

'adminnotificationerror' is a language string that is for 'A notification error was probably caused by your server configuration.' That suggests that there should be a more detailed error message in your server's error log and that there is some misconfiguration on the server, potentially relating to the sending of emails I would think. Have you checked there? Since I don't know how to replicate this error, I can't tell you more at this point to where the problem might lie and if other instances also don't show the proper error message.

Please make sure you are on the latest stable release of the version of Mahara you are using, and ideally you are on a supported version, i.e. Mahara 21.10, 22.04, or 22.10, always the latest minor point version respectively. If you have cron running on your instance, which you should or not all notifications are sent, you would see the version of Mahara you have on the 'Overview' page in the 'Admin' area.

Thank you


17 December 2022, 5:15

Hi Kristina,


Thank you for your answer on this topic too !


After you gave me the lead of a possible issue with the sending of emails, I checked the mail.log (and I said I checked all logs...)  and I found this :

  • postfix/sendmail [*****] : fatal: open /etc/postfix/ Permission denied

So the Postfix sendmail (Postfix documentation) didn't have the permission to read the file. I just had to modify the permission of this file to 0644 and no more admin notification error anymore !


Thanks a lot Kristina for your help !

Best regards,


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