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Advent calendar 2022: Your chance to win prizes

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01 December 2022, 8:19

Ata mārie (good morning),

It's the first day in December in Aotearoa and thus time to open the first door in this year's Mahara advent calendar, our second. Hear from community members, discover new resources, and win some great prizes, sponsored by Mahara Business Partners. Each day, a new door becomes available. Those of you not yet in December, be patient. You'll have the same chance as others to win.

By the way, you are welcome to embed the calendar into your own site. The embed code is provided at the bottom of the advent calendar page.

Have a great holiday season!

Mahara Project Lead on behalf of the team at Catalyst IT

1 December 2022. Open the first door in our advent calendar at Mahara logo and a Christmas tree ornament.

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