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Mahara selected as impactful and scalable innovation by HundrED

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25 October 2022, 11:23

Congratulations are in order.

The Mahara project has just been selected as one of the 100 innovations to watch out for in 2023 by education specialists amongst over 3,000 innovations. Global education expert HundrED convened 188 educators to review innovations based on their impact and scalability and published its report on 24 October 2022. We are excited that the Mahara project is one of the final selections for the Global Collection 2023.

“Innovations highlighted by HundrED are truly moving the needle in education reform around the world. Meeting the needs of students, parents, teachers, and communities, the innovations found in HundrED's database are a go-to resource for anyone looking to catch a glimpse of the wealth of possibility in education innovation and transformation.” Mike Dunn, member of the selection committee and Dean of College & Career Counseling, U.S.A.

The research that is part of the selection process revealed five common threads amongst the selected innovations:

  1. Teachers and their professional development are vitally important to educational change.
  2. Students develop 21st century skills through interactions with peers and teachers in settings that foster students' holistic development.
  3. Students' wellbeing is a determining factor of educational outcomes.
  4. Students have agency by being in the driver's seat of their own education.
  5. Equity, including gender equality, diversity, special needs education, inclusion, access to education, and human rights, is becoming more visible and talked about in education.

Read the report to find out more about all 100 innovations and sign up to watch the free online livestream of the HundrED Summit between 26 and 28 October 2022.

Our team at Catalyst is proud to lead the development effort around Mahara and support the worldwide community. Mahara is more than an open source software product. It is a community of educators and developers who strive to make tools available to support lifelong and lifewide learning. Hear from some of our community members in our podcast 'Create. Share. Engage.'

Mahara has been selected to HundrED's Global Collection 2023

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