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AAEEBL Digital Ethics Task Force Year 4 applications are open

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16 August 2022, 7:47


The AAEEBL Digital Ethics Task Force is responsible for the Digital Ethics Principles in ePortfolios, and has been researching as well as promoting digital ethics for the last three years. We are looking for ePortfolio enthusiasts to join the Task Force to support our ongoing efforts in the area.

In the first two years the focus was on developing the principles. In year three we started looking into consolidating some principles that had a fair amount of overlap and will finish that work in Year 4. We also laid the groundwork for a substantial research project, the ePortfolio Mapping Survey, and ran regular workshops on different principles at dedicated AAEEBL events and conferences.

You can apply to become a member until 15 September 2022 and join our group of researchers and practitioners to continue the work on promoting and implementing digital ethics in ePortfolio practice around the world.

Thank you


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