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Moodle Assignment (MNET) Draft Issues

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27 June 2022, 16:54

We have had a "Mahoodle" environment for approximately 10 years now, but I have an issue that I am only just noticing now. Not sure if it is our codebase, or whether the issue exists in a vanilla environment. 

Essentially, students are creating an ePortfolio, then submitting via the Moodle assignment plugin, that locks the page/collection. All good so far. However, the students are ustilising Draft mode in text boxes and, when submitting, this information is not visible to graders. This has caused a lot of stress to students and graders, as it appears that the student has not responded to a particular item. During investigations, it was also revealed that using Quick edit as a student not only allowed them to deactivate the Draft mode themselves, post submission, but they could also alter the text within those text boxes! This defeats the locking feature of the integration, and forces staff to rely on the last modified date, rather than Moodle's submission date.

Is this happening to anyone else?

If so, what I'd like to see is the plugin automatically switch the state of any draft text item in, submitted pages and collections, to published and the removal of the quick edit menu from these as well.




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05 July 2022, 14:46

Hi Adam,

The editing of text blocks via 'Quick edit' was fixed.

That teachers can't see draft text blocks makes sense to me as the student hasn't yet actively stated that someone should see their content. They should make that content visible before submitting. Or do you expect a different workflow?

Thank you


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