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Problemas with Moodle/Mahara Integration and assignsubmission_maharaws

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17 June 2022, 2:45

Hi again community! :)

I have a problem with the Moodle-Mahara integration and the “Mahara Submissions” plugin. In principle, I have everything configured, but it gives me this error when I try to view the portfolio from Moodle.



I use Moodle v3.9.11+ and Mahara v21.10. I think the web services are well configured at the institution level…



But I'm not configuring something right. Any idea what I may be missing to configure?

Thanks in advance :)



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21 June 2022, 12:57

Hi Marc,

You are trying to use the LTI web services Mahara assignment submission plugin with MNet, which doesn't work. ;-) If you are using MNet (which I wouldn't recommend esp. if you are just starting out), you'll need the Mahara assignment submission plugin for MNet.

Since you do have LTI set up, your institution settings should have 'web services' as an authentication method listed, which is not the case, which is very unusual and is most likely why the connection is not working. But then it's a mystery how your students could submit their portfolio in Moodle in the first place.

I'd recommend that you

  • remove MNet - provided that nobody needs it to log into your Mahara site.
  • make sure that web services are an authentication method in your institution. You only need to use the 'Moodle assignment submission' application in the 'External apps' setup because that contains the LTI launch from LTI 1.1. No need to keep track of two apps.

Thank you


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