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13 May 2022, 6:55

Hi All,

We have students that would like to take their portfolios with them when they leave our university. Unfortunately, they need a Mahara instance to import it into. Does anyone know if individuals can install a personal Mahara instance? If so, how would they go about doing this? Does it cost anything?

Thank you,


13 May 2022, 10:32

The Export includes leap-Format for importiert into an other mahara and also a html-Version to view the unziped exportfile stand alone without the need to use a Mahara-Installation.


16 May 2022, 4:26

Hi Andreas,


Thank you, Andreas, I did suggest the HTML option but the user wanted to know if they can get their own instance. I did not know if this was possible or not.


Thank you,


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16 May 2022, 11:19

Hi Melinda,

Anybody can install their own instance of Mahara, even on their computer, but unless you have a Linux computer, it's a bit tricky, and then wouldn't be connected to the internet at all times.

There is a small number of providers that offer Mahara portfolio hosting for individuals, but I can't endorse any of them as I'm not familiar with their support, what they charge, and how much space people would get.It would be up to them to find out if they can host in the particular country where the site is located, that they are ok with what data is shared, etc. The AAEEBL Digital Ethics Task Force has put together some strategies to navigate those areas in a couple of the Digital Ethics Principles in ePortfolios.

Learners cannot use as that is only for discussions around the Mahara software and portfolios.

Thank you


17 May 2022, 0:59

Hi Kristina,


Thank you for the information.


Thank you,


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