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Congratulations: Doris Tam as approved developer

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03 March 2022, 10:55

Hi everyone,

I'm excited to let you know that Doris Tam received the status of approved developer during last night's 88th Mahara developer meeting. Congratulations!

Doris started with us at Catalyst IT in December 2018 as part-time student and after finishing her studies, joined us full-time a little over a year ago as developer. But her involvement in Mahara goes back to the Catalyst Open Source Academy where she wrote her first Behat tests for Mahara in 2015.

Since then she's been involved in a myriad of activities, including new feature development, bug fixing, third-party library upgrades, and improving our Behat test suite. One major project though that Doris championed is the refactoring of Mahara Mobile to the new app based on React Native that you can find in the Android and iOS app stores.

Approved developers can give +2 on items in code review and approve them to go into the code base (provided they also passed verification). They know the Mahara code base and coding guidelines well to give constructive feedback to improve code that is in development and make sound decisions in writing code. Anybody in the community can become an approved developer. Applications are considered during developer meetings that look at the quality of previous contributions, both features developed and peer reviews made.

Thank you


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