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Accessing page help causing path traversal in Mahara before 20.04.5, 20.10.3, 21.04.2, and 21.10.0

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29 October 2021, 17:06

Vulnerability type: Path traversal
Attack type: Local
Impact: Access escalation

Affected components: The help icon for 'page help'
Attack vectors: If a person alters the path to the page help file they can traverse to find other .html files outside the site's webroot and potentially find sensitive information.

Description: In Mahara before 20.04.5, 20.10.3, 21.04.2, and 21.10.0, addjusting the path component for the page help file could cause seeing html files that you are not allowed to access.

Reported by: Dominic Couture
Bug report:
CVE reference: CVE-2021-43264

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