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No access to submissons

25 October 2021, 20:12


I got some problems with the new submisson feature within a group. I used a test account to submit a page. The group admin returned it with a grading. After this I cleaned up the test account and deletetd that page. Now the group admin cannot access the submitted portfolios anymore. When I want to open the submissions within the group I frist get the following error: DataTables warning: table id=submissions - true. When I klick OK, then I get the next error: Collection with id XXXX not found. Also there are lots of submission missing in the table unterneath (It shows only 26 instead of about 100.). Newly submitted portfolios aren't displayed at all.

The archive does work well and all the returned portfolios can be find there.

Is there anything I can do to get the submissions running well again? It's quite important, because my students have to submit there portfolios the next days. And I think this is quite a serious problem, because we can't influence whether students delete portfolios and thus massively affect the function of the submission.

Thank you!

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27 October 2021, 8:27

Hi Christine,

In general, once a submission has been released, the group admin doesn't have access to it any more and students can delete those portfolios. That's always been the case in Mahara. If you archive submissions before their release, you will have a permanent record that you can access directly in the group or in the administration area.

Can you please provide the steps you took to get the error message? Please include what you selected as 'Result'. Also make sure to let us know how many portfolios were submitted in general. As for new submissions not showing up, did you have any filters set that might exclude ungraded submissions?

Thank you


28 October 2021, 22:55

Dear Kristina,

thanks for your reply.

The result doesn't matter. I just tested it and the error occured with every result chosen. There are also no filter settings. I just sent you a screencast where I show you the steps which let to the error.


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08 November 2021, 12:29

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the screencast that you emailed. I'm afraid I can't replicate the issue in Mahara 21.04 (latest code) with Postgres as database. The steps I took are the following:

  1. Create a group (as site admin), allow submissions and archiving of submissions.
  2. Log in as regular learner and submit a portfolio page.
  3. Log in as group admin and release the page.
  4. [Cron job runs and releases the page].
  5. Check that as group admin I still have access to the archived page on the 'Submissions' screen.
  6. Log in as learner and delete the page.
  7. Log in as group admin and go to the 'Submissions' screen.


  • Expected: No error messages
  • Actual: No error messages. I don't see the pop-up 'DataTables warning: table id=submissions - true'.

Can you please let me know what version of PHP and what database and version you use?

Thank you


11 November 2021, 7:10

I have exactly the same problem using Mahara 21.04.2 I am getting the message when I click on the submissions tab on the assessment group. "DataTables warning: table id=submissions - true" comes up in a white dialog box with an OK button, when I click ok on the dialog box I get a red band with the message "Collection with id 8 not found". I can see the submissions in the Archive but cannot access them from the submissions tab. Any help would be gratefully received. Jonathan

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16 November 2021, 14:44

Hi Jonathan,

Did you run into that problem following the steps that I had taken? Do you use Postgres or MySQL? And which version?

Thank you


17 November 2021, 10:03

I ran into the problem when I deleted a member of the assessment group who had submitted a portfolio and it had been released.

I think I have corrupted the database somehow by deleting the learner.

There are other submissions which do not show as a result. I can find them by going to members and their submissions appear there.



01 December 2021, 22:55

Hi Kristina

I work with jonathan, I'm in the IT Dept, We use postgres version 12 and we have mahara setup via git we're on  version (21.04_STABLE). 

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10 December 2021, 8:20

Hi Christine, Anthony, and Jonathan,

Alex provided a patch for the issue with the DataTables error that you've been seeing. You are welcome to give that a go on a test instance to check if that resolves your problem. Please note that the fix is for the main branch at this stage and you may be asked to make adjustments to work on 21.04 if the code changed between 21.04 and now.

Thank you


16 November 2021, 20:43

Hi Kristina,

sorry for the late reply. I just had to get the information which php version and database our mahara runs on. It's PHP 7.3.31-1~deb10u1 and MariaDB 10.3.31 database server. The mahara version we use is 21.04.

I also talked to Alex from Bremen about this problem and he found something in the core (version 21.10 - so the problem must still exist). Maybe you can get in touch with him.


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