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Montessori Scope and Sequence Module

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03 July 2021, 17:35

We like to create a Scope and Sequence Module which enables Matching and record-keeping also for teachers and which coudl be visible by parents and care takers.

The Module has to have the full Montessori Scope and Sequence added and those needs to be available for each student. A teacher can than check for each student what he has already done and probably even adding an image or video to that record. 

Mahara, as anopen source system would be an ideal system to provide Montessori Schools all over the world a solution to keep records safely without having the big money tags attached to it or even get hosted in the US (GDPR/DSGVO Issues). Our goal is to make Montessori available for All, not only for those who can afford a Montessori School. So we are looking for systems which could help to achieve that. Those systems must be Open Source, Freely available, and having a good UI and easy usability and good documentation - like Mahara, Moodle, HumHub, Kapano, etc.

Ideas on how to achieve such a module would be great and appreciated.


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04 July 2021, 19:51

Hi Andi,

Creating OER is a fantastic idea to support educators and learners around the world. As far as the Montessori Scope and Sequence Module goes, you could take a look at SmartEvidence as that the possibilities to create competency and skills frameworks. We have an enhancement proposal up for discussion that would add rubrics and more flexibility to how to create and work with frameworks. You could then also combine it with Moodle and align it with courses, e.g. one idea is to create the competency framework in Moodle and use web services to push it to Mahara and have the framework created automatically there. That can even be custom frameworks for each learner. The sky (and skills and budget) are the limit.



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05 July 2021, 20:21

That sounds like a great idea, I will have a look at it. Having Scope and sequence as a Module available in Sahara and being able to even map not to the regular curriculum in those countries the schools are located would definitely help to spread Mahara and the Montessori idea. The Montessori Scope and Sequence is actually a pretty stable thing with more or less no changes needed - only the mapping to regular curricula in the countries need to be flexible as it differs in Germany even from Province to Province as you know. It is usually done with some check boxes to track the progress but much better would be to have also a timeline available. Mahara could achieve that easily by keeping journals per students to which than those scope and sequences or for traditional schools probably other curricula items could easily be assigned and than searched listed etc.

Two links (take out teh empty spaces from the URLs to make them work
It is based on Moodle and enables Tracking of students - watch teh videos - that is what is needed integrated with Mahara.
https:/ /
Moodle used in a Montessori Institution for Teacher Training
https:/ /

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