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Are all the manuals down?

23 June 2021, 2:45

I get 404 errors with these links: [can't post links here... can anyone fix that?]

It is concerning the links in Mahara, help button in footer... they all give me 404's.

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23 June 2021, 9:44

Hi Richard,

The manuals seem to work for me. For example I can get to

The help URLs are based on which Mahara version and language you are viewing the site in so there might be a problem with that combination.

Can you let me know the part of the URL that appears after

for example "en/20.10/administration/institutions.html" 

for the pages you are getting the 404 for?



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23 June 2021, 14:31

Hi Richard,

You can now post links. The manuals are generally up and running. There is only a brief period of time when the most recent version is updated on a daily basis, but that's only for a few minutes.

Please post the links as asked for by Robert so we can check if it is specific pages that don't yet have a manual page or where we moved something around and forgot to update the links.

Thank you


23 June 2021, 21:35

Thanks Robert and Kristina!

We are using the English version of Mahara. All links seem to be down for me, like this one:

But I'm pretty sure it's not me. If I use the website and fill in the URL that website also says the URL is down.

Where are you guys located? I'm in the Netherlands.

23 June 2021, 21:39

Hm... noticed the version difference... did you guys forget the redirect to the new version? We seem to be on 21.10

Wait... that's weird. Latest version seems to be 21.04.

Then why are all our pages containing a footer that links the help files to 21.10?

Schermafbeelding 2021-06-23 114108.png

23 June 2021, 21:46

Adding to the weirdness of our website:

Schermafbeelding 2021-06-23 114517.png

Latest version: 21.04.1

21.10 is out of support?


23 June 2021, 22:24

I think I found the culprit:

Schermafbeelding 2021-06-23 122224.png

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24 June 2021, 9:16

Hi Richard,

Yep, that line causes the problem.

It was fixed up in 21.04.1 release so updating to 21.04.1 release will fix that problem. And fix problems with help links too.

If you can't update straight away then changing that value to '21.04' in that file and also in the database config table will make that out of support line go away and will fix the 'help' links.

 SELECT * FROM config WHERE field = 'release';

Make sure its is the wrong value - 21.10

Then set it to the right one

 UPDATE config SET value = '21.04' WHERE field = 'release';



25 June 2021, 2:27

Thanks Robert! I made the changes, but you were wrong on one thing. It's not 'release' that needs to be updated in the database, it's'series'.


UPDATE `config` SET `value` = '21.04' WHERE `config`.`field` = 'series';

This and changing lib/version.php fixed it.



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