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Is there a limit on the number of admins in Mahara??

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26 February 2021, 2:57

Hi all,

We have transitioned support to our IS team. I need to add a number of people as admins. When I add them as site admins, it holds briefly but is not permanent. If I check again, they are no longer admin staff or someone else has been removed as admin. Currently, we have 6 admins and as I add one, someone else seems to be knocked off! We have 20.04.

I'm baffled! Thanks!




Kristina Hoeppner's profile picture
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03 March 2021, 8:39

Hi Lisa,

I'm not aware of any such restrictions, and we do sometimes see lots of admins on sites. I just added 26 people as site administrators on a 20.04 test site and they are all still there after multiple refreshs.

Could it be that there is a customisation on your site to impose a limit?



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