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22 February 2021, 23:34

Hello there! (First of all, sorry for my bad english) I am working in a project with Mahara and Moodle. I want to know if there is any possibility to vinculate/connection  SmartEvidence and competencies in Moodle. 


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03 March 2021, 8:43

Hi John,

Thank you for braving English. It is very good. We do not yet have the functionality to create competencies in Moodle and have them automatically transferred to a Mahara SmartEvidence framework. It's been on our wishlist for a while. There is an early proof of concept for Totara, but those competencies are different from Moodle. But just to show that it is possible. Happy for you to see if you can convert that over to Moodle or we can provide an estimate.



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