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Detailing Google Drive links from the Google Apps block

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16 February 2021, 3:39

Hi all,

Some suggestions would be great!

I have a number of lecturers using Mahara from Media Studies. The students are very tech savvy!

Currently for assessment, they use the Google Apps block to display their photos and videos on a Mahara page. Whilst the pages are locked for editing on submission, we have found that these tech savvy students are able to update/save over their submitted Google links in Drive and therefore update their submissions. Is there a way to see the details of the last changes to this Google Apps block at all? Due to limited space and large file sizes, students can't embed the artefacts directly which I know would lock them and prevent this. 

Many thanks,



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03 March 2021, 17:08

Hi Lisa,

I don't know if that information is available via the API that we are using. I know the Google Apps block is a rather old one (that's why you need to publish to the web before link sharing existed in Google) and it might be necessary to update the API calls altogether and check if update information can be accessed. And you are correct, external content is not locked when portfolios are submitted because we don't have control over that.



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