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Group plan in group portfolio

15 February 2021, 11:49

Hello,  first sorry for my english :)


I have trouble understanding how group plan works.

I have created a group with 3 students and there is a group plan filled with tasks (works great).

They also have a group collection with pages as a portfolio, and we can add a "Plans" placeholder.

But one the placeholder is in place, even when editing it, the group plan does not appear.


If one of the students makes his own individual page (outside of the group), he can see and use the group plans, but not in the group portfolio.


What I am doing wrong ? Is it a bug ?


Thank you in advance, and many thanks for this amazing tool.

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15 February 2021, 22:33

Hello Gaetan,

I'm maybe wrong, but I think you're trying to set a group task using an assignment task, but assignment tasks are minded to be individual, even if we made available to students through a group. I explain to you the way I use assingment tasks:

  1. Site staff creates 2 pages in her personal space (one for Task page and the other one for Assignment portfolio
  2. Site staff creates a plan in her personal space (template and assignment task to yes), and then a task. Within this task, she links the aforementioned pages to the corresponding fields
  3. Site staff creates a group, with allowed submissions > Yes and Create and edit > all but ordinary members
  4. Site staff creates a plan within the group, using the template she created in her personal space
  5. In the plan included in the group, student copies the portfolio page of the assignment, by clicking to the Open portfolio button, and then, makes changes and submits back her (individual) work. 

So, I think, groups are just a space to make an assignment task and, thus, provide a template to students for their individual portfolio, but we cannot provide a template for the group portfolio. I repeat that I'm maybe wrong, and maybe I did'nt get the point of your message. I would be glad to learn how to provide templates to group portfolios.
Best wishes,

16 February 2021, 0:05

I'm very new to mahara, portfolio and all this stuff so I may missunderstand concepts.

What do you mean by "assignment task" ? 

French high school "IUT" are going to switch to competency on september (1 year reform ...), and those competencies will be evaluated by portfolios.


Portfolios and competencies can either be individual or by group. Evaluation will de done completely outside Mahara (and moodle)


So each student will work "on it's own" (using the "create" button" on the dashboard), but also will work (on other projects) in a collaborative way say, by groups of 3 students (using the "Engage" button).


As for now, we don't use templates both for group and individual portfolios. Student have to create their own portfolio from scratch.


For the group project, each student is free to add content to the "group pages", which will become once in a collection, the group portfolio, to be evaluated by the teacher.


On the group view (/mahara/group/view.php), there is a "Plans" button on the top. I want to use this to define group tasks (not individual tasks). It works, and members can see and mark tasks as achieved.

On the group portfolio, I want to add a "Plan" placeholder so the teacher can see which tasks are accomplished by the group (not individually), but it seems impossible ?


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03 March 2021, 17:23

Salut Gaetan,

The group plans exist primarily at the moment for the scenario that Ramón outlined:

  1. Create a plan that holds potential portfolio tasks for students.
  2. Students can decide which tasks they want to complete.
  3. They only receive the portfolio attached to the task that they decided to complete.
  4. The portfolio is created in the personal portfolio area.

That means that group plans are not your typical plans, but they still use the same technology and thus have some of the personal plans functionality also available in a group without making it all available just yet. So yes, you can create a plan as you described and students can tick off tasks when they are in the 'Plans' section in a group. However, they cannot yet add such a plan to a group page. That functionality is not there yet.



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