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Moodle plugin for Mahara portfolio submission

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22 January 2021, 2:58

Hi, we're currently setting up the functionality to submit portfolio pages/collections to a Moodle Assignment.  Looks like we have it working apart from the archiving of submissions in Mahara.

The manual states:

"A new Mahara assignment submission plugin is available for Moodle. It is based on web services and LTI rather than MNet and allows for the archiving of portfolios along with the previously available functionality."  

However, in my tests none of the graded portfolios result in an archive being saved. Is there a specific setting that makes this happen?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.



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05 February 2021, 4:40

Just wondering if anyone can help with this?  I still have the same problem, that portfolios submitted to Moodle via LTI plugin are not being archived once graded.

Any pointers?


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09 February 2021, 22:35

Hi Yvonne,

Apologies for having been a bit overzealous in the manual. The Moodle plugin can't do that yet. It's on our ToDo list for the next few months. We already have the functionality available on the Mahara side, but not quite yet in the Moodle plugin, which I had forgotten when I made that Mahara manual update.

If you do need the archiving, your current option would be to use the external tool activity in Moodle as you can set up the activity with archiving there.

Thank you


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