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Adding links to files in text

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21 January 2021, 2:08

We've noticed a problem with links to files placed in text blocks in 20.10. This seems different to earlier versions and we've had a bunch of support calls. 

In plain text blocks some users have added links to files by...

- going to the files area
- right click
- copy the file link
- go to the text editor and use the 'link' option to attach it to a bit of text

These no longer work

The produce a link that looks like....

These produce an 'access denied' message even though both the file and the view belong to the user.

Adding a proper file block works fine. 

Any thoughts?

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21 January 2021, 9:04

Hi Howard,

If the file is not available on the page or any other page to which the people viewing the page have access, you can't see that file.

You can embed internal images by selecting them directly in TinyMCE. That will add the correct link references and make the images available.

If you want to attach other files, choose a 'Note' block because then you can attach files directly.

Thank you


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21 January 2021, 22:45

Just to be 100% clear on this. 

Can you confirm (as appears to be the case) that you cannot simply embed links from the user's files list. That won't work. 

They have to add the files "properly" on the page?

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22 January 2021, 8:50

Correct, Howard, unless you use the attachment functionality on 'Notes' or the embedding of images via TinyMCE. Since access is tied to the page, you need to make the files available in the 'proper' way for Mahara to tie them to the page.



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