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Height of a text block

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31 December 2020, 23:33

Is it possible to define the height of a text block to a set number of pixels. 

I have a page layout where in one column the height of the images are all set to 628 px.

In the adjacent column can I set the height of text blocks to 628 px, so text and image always align together?

I know the work around is to have a single column layout and add a table, but maybe that defeats the purpose of HTML. Grateful for any answers. Thanks. 


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12 January 2021, 10:02

Hi David,

Can you please let us know which version of Mahara you are using?

We made a major change in blocks layout on pages to be more flexible in Mahara 19.10, we would need to know if you're using this layout so we know how to help you.



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17 January 2021, 21:23

Hi Cecilia, currently using 19.10. Thanks david.

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21 January 2021, 9:12

Hi David,

you can't set the height of a block as their height is adjusted dynamically. However, you could:

  • add some extra empty lines and then readjust the height.
  • Place an empty text block below the image and the text before you display another image to mimic a row layout.

I would not recommend placing your content into a table as that makes it more difficult for responsive design and the size of the images won't adjust automatically any more in the image block. Tables are not always very accessible and should not be used for creating a layout these days.

Ngā mihi


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21 January 2021, 10:52

Thanks for that Kristina, will try that second work-around, easy fix .

It's to provide some comments on a new set of illustrations for a Hermann Hesse poem from the novel of the same name, The Glass Bead Game. Was a favourite read many decades ago!

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30 January 2021, 13:07

Hi Kristina

Tried the work-around of adding paragraph returns within the text box and/or empty text-boxes - didn't really get a precise layout. Thought about it for days - nothing. Then! the light switched on. The solution was obvious in Mahara itself. 

Realised by simply creating a page layout of 3 columns by 12 rows had the liquid layout equivalent of a table. Nothing so embarrassing as missing the blindingly obvious!

Kristina Hoeppner's profile picture
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09 February 2021, 22:40

Great that you found your solution, David. :-)

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