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Mahara Assignment Submission from Moodle

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14 December 2020, 20:54

I wanted to integrate Mahara with Moodle for that I have followed the instructions on the github page (assignsubmission-maharaws (as I am unable to post the link)) to the best of my knowledge.

I went through the following steps:

- Mahara Version 20_04
- Moodle Version 3.5.7

- Copy the contents from the above git url project to mod/assign/submission/maharaws in your Moodle site.
- Proceed with the plugin installation in Moodle

Configured Mahara with following:
- Navigate to 'Administration menu (🔧)-> Web services -> Configuration'
- Enable 'Accept incoming web service requests'
- Enable the protocols REST and OAuth
- Navigate to 'Administration menu (🔧) -> Web services -> External Apps'.
- Type a name for the application into the 'Application' text input, e.g. Moodle. Applications are listed alphabetically. If you have multiple institutions on your Mahara site, select the institution for which you want to enable the connection.
- Select 'Moodle Assignment Submission; from the drop-down menu.
- Click 'Add'. You will then see the consumer key and secret. These will be used when configuring the assignment activity in Moodle.

In Moodle:
- Add an assignment in Moodle.
- Select Mahara as the assignment submission type.
- Fill in the following:

  • URL of your Mahara site.
  • Mahara web services OAuth key (from the external apps list in Mahara).
  • Mahara web services Oauth secret.

I get the following error as shown in the image.


This error says multiple things. Among those I have checked the following:
  • Web services are enabled
  • The consumer secret and key are up to date
  • I think there should be no IP restriction as both of them are on the same server
  • SSL certification is also valid

Any help related to this would be helpful.


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21 December 2020, 8:44

Hi Muhammad,

The first thing I'd like you to check please is that you enabled the LTI web services via the plugin administration rather than turning them on in the web services area. That is a safer way to ensure that all that's needed is turned on. Can you then please report back if you still experience the same issue? It would be good if you turned off web services first and then went through the LTI enabling.

Thank you


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08 January 2021, 0:19

Hello Kristina,

I have followed the steps again and have also made sure the connection is enable via plugin administration but still occurs to be same problem. Attaching debug image for reference.

  • Capture.PNG
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09 February 2021, 23:12

Hi Muhammad,

Did you follow the information in the debug messages and checked that the required web service is available and also that SSL is enabled?

You can check if the function is available when you click the 'Edit' icon next to the external app that you set up.

LTI always requires SSL to be turned on.



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11 February 2021, 12:10

Hello Kristina,

We're currently moving to Moodle 3.10 and Mahara 20.04. As I saw a comment on the moodle-assignsubmission_mahara github, I thought we should switch from the Mahara Assignment Submission Plugin, which doesn't have a 3.8 version, to the ws version.

So I followed the same instructions as Muhammad; I also backported the code from bug 1882461.

But when I try to configure Mahara, I don't see any 'Moodle Assignment Submission' option in the drop-down menu.

Am I missing something?

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12 February 2021, 9:30

Hi David,

Mahara 20.04 does not have the required Mahara end points yet. They are only included in Mahara 20.10 as new feature. You can backport the necessary functionalities though from the patches.

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25 September 2021, 0:32

Hi Mr. Ali,


Were you able to get rid of this issue ?


Have a wonderful day.




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