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Integrating a "rubric" or list of criteria

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23 July 2009, 21:13

If I want students to assemble a portfolio (view) that is meant to show how they have achieved a list of outcomes, and I want them to use that list of outcomes as an organizing tool, and I want to use that same list as a form of a rubric or assessment criteria, how might I integrate the list of outcomes/rubric for students to use?
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25 July 2009, 0:06

Hi - currently, Mahara doesn't have a plugin for rubric type information - as far as I'm aware at least. It's definitely an area of interest though.

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07 September 2009, 9:09

Hi Glenn!

Maybe this can help a little.

I don't know if you are familiar with the Workshop module in Moodle, well, IMHO, it's a great tool for this kind of things. Maybe, using the Workshop you can go the other way around to solve your 'problem', i.e., students create Views (in Mahara) in order to be submitted and assessed in a Workshop (in Moodle) using the desired rubric or assessment criteria.

Good luck!



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08 September 2009, 15:25

Thanks, Arturo,

I'm a fan and user of Moodle, and this may be one way we approach the issue.  However, I'll continue to explore ways to accomplish this via Mahara as a freestanding solution, too.  I work with faculty and programs we don't use Moodle.


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08 September 2009, 19:43

Hi Glenn

You can create a view with the rubric in it , make this copyable and give acess to the students.

Students can then copy and edit the view to add evidence for the outcomes.

To help manage this you can create a group for students and give  the group access to the copyable rubric view.

I think this is one of the reasons for creating the template view  type.




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09 September 2009, 14:51

Hello Glenn,

In addition to what Craig suggested, you may be interested in our idea of the "My pages" wizard (true, not an "I need it right now" solution). I could imagine that you provide a form / forms with the rubric categories which students fill in. They can then easily put that information into their views (not just one, but any number as it would be similar to the current "My Resume", "My Goals" and "My Skills" pages) along with supporting artefacts.

You would even be able to have different views of these forms as you can see in the screenshots in the original feature proposal document. Nigel and Richard would be trying to figure out a way to attach feedback to an artefact and not just to an entire view so that it always stays with the artefact. And as the feedback box will have a WYSIWYG editor (to be enabled / disabled by the admin), you could also style your feedback more easily.


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