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Number of institutions and users an instance Mahara can support

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06 June 2020, 21:27

I'll like to know the number of institutions a Mahara instance can support and the number of users each institution can support. 

We have a big plan of using Mahara for powering about 10 million students, and I'm afraid how an instance will perform understand a load of such an amount. 

I'd wished it'll be only an instance but, invariably if other options exists, please kindly help me with them.

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29 November 2020, 11:53

Hi Kehinde,

Thanks for your patience with my reply. 10 million students on Mahara for one organisation would be amazing! You can make Mahara handle that large number or requests but not with some serious development and infrastructure work. I know of at least one Moodle site with over 2 million accounts and that was heavy lifting in regard to server setup, CDNs, and performance tuning. It would certainly be a challenging project that a technical team would love to sink their teeth in.

The question though is also is it advisable to have 10 million students on one platform or are there business requirements that may prevent such and endeavour, e.g. privacy and other legal requirements esp. if you were to look to set up a site across borders.

You could look into setting up smaller Mahara instances but use a single code base and use cloud containerisation and orchestration technologies to keep the infrastructure updated and in sync.



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