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Pulling Courses from Moodle to Mahara

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05 June 2020, 3:12

Thanks,Mahara pros,

I have 2 pending questions

1. How to enforce all login and signups from Mahara and not Moodle? I'd earlier setup communities in Mahara and connect via LTI Moodle installations. I'll like all our students to login from Mahara only because the Moodle login page will be removed.

2. How to pull grouped courses from Moodle to Mahara. I've created courses in Moodle which I'll like it to be accessible via Mahara only. I'm using Moodle as the backend, Mahara as the frontend. How do I pull the courses so that students can attempt them in Mahara, not Moodle?

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29 November 2020, 11:58

Hi Kehinde,

Currently, LTI only works from Moodle to Mahara and not the other way around.

You can use web services to create groups in Mahara based on Moodle courses and also sync the course enrolments. There are a few web services calls that will help with that. Search for 'mahara_group' in /htdocs/webservice and you will see the relevant calls.



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