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Display PDF within web browser

14 May 2020, 19:27

Does Mahara block the display of PDFs? I tried to add a functionality to display them online, but it starts downloading directly, while with the images there is not this problem ...
Thank you very much for your answer!!
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15 May 2020, 8:08


There is the PDf block - this should display the PDF in the page

Is that not working for you?



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15 May 2020, 11:35


As I work with Antonella, I allow myself to answer and precise the context and then the needs :

We are working on a page which merge files and views (like google doc).

We can find 3 kind of things :

  • view
  • file readable by a web browser (vdo, pdf, sound, pictures)
  • files not readable by web folder (office document, zip...)

If we keep the mahara behaviour, when you clic on a picture, it shows the image online in a modale, when you clic on all other kind of file, it directly download it (even if the browser is able to show it online).

We would like to allow the viewing of files readable by a web browser in the same way of the picture. So not only picture but also videos, sound and PDF.

We have the feeling that we need to follow the path of the artefact but it seems to be not so simple.

Could you give us a way of working ?

Many thanks in advance


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17 May 2020, 20:34

Hi Lilian and Antonella,

The behavior you describe is currently not possible in Mahara, but it were possible to implement as a new features for PDFs. Do you want to look into this?



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