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Problems with xmlrpc auth after upgrading from 18.10 to 19.10

29 January 2020, 10:21


I just ran into two issues that are probably related.


1- New accounts don't get created when authentication is done through XMLRPC, from Moodle to Mahara. Existing users can still access. I checked the database and weautocreateusers is set to 1.


2- I wanted to reproduce the issue on a different Mahara instance (same version 19.10). I deleted an account to see if it would be recreated through XMLRPC auth. Well, it worked, but i noticed that the new account doesn't inherit the xmlrpc auth method, but Internal instead. So when I try again to access from Moodle, it no longer works.


Did something change in the settings that I didn't notice we the upgrade from 18.10 et 19.10  was done?


François Lizotte

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04 February 2020, 13:51

Hi François,

We didn't make changes to the MNet authentication. I didn't experience issues on one of our sites. Can you please double check that the public key that Mahar has of Modle is correct and that the Mahara key in Moodle is also correct? I would assume so since you can connect.

A new account getting internal auth typically means that your MNet has a parent authority set. Can you please check that in the authentication settings for MNet in the Mahara institution where you set it up?

Thank you


06 February 2020, 3:56

Hello Kristina,

The problem was fixed after I asked our IT support to install this patch: (I'm not allowed to post links) which fixed the issue.

Regarding the other question, I think you really opened my eyes on parent authority. :-) Thanks a lot.



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11 February 2020, 6:47

Hi François,

Great that the patch that will go into the next minor point release has helped resolve the issue.

Parent authority also works for LTI, the way forward for connecting Moodle to Mahara.



20 February 2020, 0:44

Thank you for posting this -- I experienced the same problem today trying to register a new student from Moodle to mahara. Your link was the solution for me too, gladly I remembered reading messages from this forum ;-)

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