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Double profile pages after export import

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20 December 2019, 23:03

Hi! I used the bulkexport and the bulkimport php files!  Great features!

I exported 1 persons record  from Mahara vers 16.10 to  Mahara 19.04 record. It seemed to work fine. But...then i saw..the imported person has now two profile pages!

I guess when bulkimport imports the new user it gives him first a default profile page. But there is of course a profile page in the export - hence the "Twin profile page".  Or not twin, the imported profile has all the correct data while the default one is empty  under "About me", but has the old profile page as a page under "My portfolios"


My problem is that the default profile page is not possible to delete...

Any tip anyone?! Did i miss something?

Best regards, Niklas

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23 December 2019, 15:28

Ni Niklas,

That is strange and should not happen. We fixed the issue of double dashboard and profile pages for Mahara 18.04.3 and 18.10.0 and thus 19.04.0 should have it as well. See what has changed.

This would also only affect the self-import but not the bulk import. When you use the bulk import, you create new people and do not add content to existing accounts. Therefore, I don't know how you could end up with double dashboards and profile pages.

Did the people you checked already have two dashboards and two profiles before you exported their accounts?

One of the pages would be the proper one, i.e. the one that Mahara considers the dashboard or profile, and the other one would have been converted into a somewhat normal page that Mahara doesn't pick up. In 18.04.3 and 18.10.0 this was changed so that these two pages are completely ignored during the self import. And during bulk import, there is no existing dashboard and profile and thus it should work correctly.

It would be good to know whether these pages were already doubled up due to a previous process.

BTW, did you run into problems upgrading your Mahara site and thus use the bulk export?




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14 January 2020, 5:40

Hi! Again thx for swift answers!

We have a new installation so I Think the problem is the old installation, Mahara 16.10. That leap2 file is probably not correct

Looking in to the xml it produces  it says regarding the profile page xml:




    <div class="column-content">
        <div class="bt-text panel panel-secondary clearfix" id="user_blockinstance_72660">
            <h3 class="title panel-heading js-heading">

                     Nytext till Gustav   

       <div class="block" id="user_blockinstance_72660_target">
        <div class="textblock panel-body flush">
<p>I profilsida</p>



while a correct export leap2 from the new 19.04.2 Mahara has this xml:




<div class="column-content">
        <div class="bt-profileinfo card card-secondary clearfix" id="user_blockinstance_632">
            <h3 class="title card-header js-heading">
                       <span class="collapse-inline">
                About me

      <div class="block" id="user_blockinstance_632_target">



Will continue with this tomorrow!

Cheers, Niklas

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30 January 2020, 22:51

Hi! We do get double profiles, we are still investigating why. Or actually the old one is "degraded" to an ordinary page when imported. Hmm.


Some more questions if  You are ok with that! And we  know these import/export fields are experimental, so we take this for what it is. Mahara is still great!

1. Is the 16.10.3 export ( self or bulk) really compatible with later versions like 19.04? The XML looks a littel different, but I am surely no export on that.

But could it be that?  Surely the profile page need to be specially xml tagged within that export xml  in order to "be welcomed"as a profile page in the new Mahara (19.04)?


2. So the bulkimport.php do care about to find out what is the profile page data in the user leap2 xml file and put that data in a new profile data setup for the imported person, am I understanding that right?


Best regard, Niklas

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03 February 2020, 16:29

Hi Niklas,

The HTML for blocks looks different in Mahara 16.10 compared to 19.10 because we implemented Bootstrap 4 in Mahara 19.04. There everything "panel" moved the "card" and then some. It was a big change in the theme.

Can you please test the following:

  1. Make an export of a person's account (via Portfolio -> Export) in your 16.10 using one of the built-in themes in Mahara (it shouldn't matter, but just to be on the safe side).
  2. Import that export into
  3. Check if the results are the same as on your instance.

It's tricky for us to know what might be going on without access to the actual data, which you may not be able to share because of confidentiality. If you can share an account, you are welcome to send the Leap2A file to me via email (don't need to share it publicly).

Thank you


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