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Grouping Views into 'Websites'

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17 July 2009, 8:03


At Mahara UK 09 we were encouraged to submit our thoughts and ideas openly for discussion and criticism - so here it goes!

In my demo account I have pages of views that make life difficult when trying to track down a particular page. It would be good to be able to group views into 'websites' where a 'homepage' is automatically generated, with the views assigned to that website already added to it.

I understand that the term 'view' may be replaced with 'webpage' (excellent idea).  Would it make more sense to be able to group these webpages into individual websites? Does anyone else have issues with tracking down pages?



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19 July 2009, 18:05

HI - it's a good idea, and one that others have also suggested to us. There's a feature request open on the tracker about the ability for views to have more than one 'page', which is analgous to what you suggest.

I'm not sure exactly what the best way is to go about implementing it yet, but sooner or later I imagine we'll do something along these lines Smile.

Also, being able to find your views is another interesting area, especially once you get more than about 5. We've been thinking about ways to improve this, e.g. through categorising views somehow and allowing you to browse that categorisation on the My Views page.

22 July 2009, 4:00

In fact, using the platform, I realized that if View grows too drag & drop does not work very well. You have to put down a content and then move it to the correct position. Then everything becomes truly unmanageable.
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22 July 2009, 10:01

The drag and drop issue is common among pretty much all sites that use that technique (Facebook, MSN, etc.).  If the longer a page gets, the harder it is to drag and drop content further down the page, no matter which site you are on. Facebook's drag and drop can be especially difficult sometimes. It's just and annoyance that people have to deal with.  I don't think it's something that can be corrected in code at this time. Browser makers probably need to tweak their software to make it work better.
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23 July 2009, 6:58

I reckon in JS you could probably detect the bottom of the viewport was near and then attempt to scroll the page - that would be pretty ninja Cool. Of course, the current Mahara js clearly doesn't do that, maybe something for us to prototype on a rainy day to see if it's even possible Wink
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23 July 2009, 8:05

It would be good to be able to organise views into a sort of folder structure like you can do with files. The inability to organise my views into sensible structure I find quite frustrating.
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